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Mattapan Library

Designed by William Rawn Associates, this is the latest branch of the Boston Public Library to be built. The building glows with natural daylight from the interior landscaped courtyard, as well as the use of light colored maple floors, millwork, and slatted windows. Whitney Veigas was brought to the project by the architect to design and supply interior and exterior signs.

Interior and Exterior Sign Program
Mattapan Branch
Boston Public Library
Boston MA

William Rawn Associates
Boston MA


Our solution
We designed and supplied the code required signs, major destination signs, and exterior metal letters for the project’s first phase. In the second phase, we designed and supplied library materials and wayfinding signs, including stack end card holders, bookcase category signs, counter top blocks, insert signs for library hours and holiday information, and a community room sign with changeable events insert.

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