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MassArt Residence Hall

Whitney Veigas was hired by the Massachusetts State College Building Authority to design and provide signs for this 21 story, 440 bed, new residence hall, a finalist for the 2013 Harleston Parker Award. The interior of the building includes a student health clinic, a cafe, several workrooms, a combination laundry/billiards room, and a "pajama" floor, while the  exterior of the building is made up of over 5,000 composite aluminum panels of varying depths and hues.

Interior and Exterior Sign Program
Tree House Residence Hall
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Boston MA

ADD Inc.
Boston MA


Our solution
The major sign element on this project is the set of canopy mounted metal letters and associated light trough. We worked closely with the architect, ADD Inc., to  determine exact size, font stroke weight, letter spacing, and color using both foam mockups and, later, full size prototypes of a few letters. Much of the interior plaque signage was programmed using MassArt’s sign standards, although the standards had to be augmented with several newly designed sign types to meet the requirements of this residence hall.

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